🎵BeardMeShow☻ #1501-1504🎵 #BANANAPPLE

(July – Aug 2016)
🌹All Summer Long 2016🐼So MUSICAL OLYMPIC🍍

The Worldwide Music with VINTAGE GROOVES.
It’s a Transient pause… See you, sometime somewhere!

♪The header songs were from Bluenote JAZZ #1500’s each times♪

Store 1501: Jazz, Brasil, Latin, French, Asian, Funk & more!
Store 1502: Jazz, TAKE FIVE s (Sachal & more), Ghosts, African, Asian & more!
Store 1503: PRINCE without PRINCE & more!
Store 1504: BRASIL vs Faking BRASIL & more! ニセブラジル👙

☻1:35:34 (1502) Upstanding Beard 身の毛のよだつ…
☻2:19:33 (1503) Prince without Prince プリ様なしのプリ様
☻3:09:05 (1504) Brazil vs Faking Brasil ブラ汁 vs ニセブラ汁


🎵Store 1501

☻BLUE NOTE #1500’s☻

♪Tempus Fugit / Miles Davis // Miles Davis Vol.1 (Bluenote#1501)

☻Brasil / Latin☻

♪Caramba! … Galileu Da Galiléia / Jorge Ben
♪Pulo, Pulo / Elza Soares

♪Vexamão / Elis Regina & Pelé [*Written by Pelé = Edson Arantes do Nascimento]
♪Japonesa / Seu Jorge

♪Just Say Goodbye / Malo


♪Jazz A Gogo / France Gall
♪Comment Te Dire Adieu (It Hurts To Say Goodbye) / Françoise Hardy
♪イェル・ケ・クク / 清水ミチコ

☻Olympic & Summer☻

♪オリンピック マーチ / 陸上自衛隊中央音楽隊
♪東京五輪音頭『日本一のホラ吹き男』より / 植木等
♪小麦色のマーメイド / 松田聖子


♪ジェイムス・ブラウンだ! / スネークマン(小林克也)
♪Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine / James Brown

♪L3zero / Omar Sosa
♪Short Shorts / The Royal Teens


🎵Store 1502

☻Blue Note #1500’s☻

♪Take-Off / Miles Davis // Miles Davis Vol.2 (Bluenote#1502)


♪Ima Mma Uyem / Mary Afi Usuah
♪Três Caravelas (Las Tres Carabelas) / Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil
♪那天晚上遇見你 (The Night I Met You) / 鄧麗君 (テレサ・テン)

☻TAKE FIVE s (Sachal & more)☻

♪Take Five / The Dave Brubeck Quartet
♪Take Five / Rico Rodriguez
♪Take Five / Sachal Studios Orchestra
♪Blue Rondo a La Turk / Sachal Studios Orchestra

☻Ghosts & Summer☻

♪ワンダー・ブギ / 石野真子
♪地獄裁判ブギ / 笠置シヅ子
♪お化けのロック / 郷ひろみ&樹木希林

♪水色のワゴン / Hi-Fi Set
♪Sunshower / Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band

☻40th Anniversary☻

♪Everybody Loves The Sunshine / Roy Ayers Ubiquity


🎵Store 1503

☻BLUE NOTE #1500’s☻

♪Un Poco Loco (1st Take) / Bud Powell // The Amazing Bud Powell Vol.1 (Bluenote#1503)


♪Wait / Earth, Wind & Fire
♪Summer Breeze / Jackie Mittoo
♪河内音頭 これが鉄砲節だ / 鉄砲光三郎、有馬徹とノーチェ・クバーナ


♪Kiss / Art of Noise Feat. Tom Jones
♪Sign ‘O’ the Times / Nina Simone
♪Sign ‘O’ the Times / Chaka Khan
♪The Glamorous Life / Sheila E.
♪Nothing Compares 2 U / Aretha Franklin

Thank you so so so much, Prince!

♪Everywhere / Prince // The Rainbow Children

☻Thank you, GATO☻

♪Encuentros / Gato Barbieri


🎵Store 1504

☻BLUE NOTE #1500’s☻

♪Reets And I / Bud Powell // The Amazing Bud Powell Vol.2 (Bluenote#1504)


♪Do Leme Ao Pontal / Tim Maia
♪Isabel (Bebel) / Novos Baianos
♪Apanhei-te cavaquinho / Baby Consuelo (私のカヴァキーニョ)
♪Na cadênciavdo baiao – Nao interessa nao – Baiao da garoa / Sexteto Radames Gnattali; Luiz Bandeira; Edu

♪Julia ~ Moreno / Caetano Veloso
♪The Answer / Marcos Valle
♪Cuidado, Malandro / Tuca


♪ガンバの唄 / 河原裕昌
♪ヘイ・ミスターリッキー / 高見山大五郎
♪チンチロリン・サンバ / 榎本健一&宮城まり子

☻Welcome & Bye Bye!☻

♪Subway Joe / Joe Bataan
♪Summer Soft / Stevie Wonder
♪ペパーミント・ブルー / 大滝詠一

♪Love In Outer Space / Sun Ra

It’s a Transient pause…
Thank you so much.
See you, sometime somewhere!

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